'A Midsummers Nights Dream in New Orleans,' 2015 Arts Theatre Westend! 

Please Mind the Blog:


'The young lovers are all very well portrayed, with a special mention to Samantha Louise Clark as Hermia. You truly believe her pain at being rejected by Lysander (Jonathan Ajayi) following his dose of ‘love-in-idleness’ – her desperation & confusion is palpable.' 

The Stage: 


'Here are some beautifully crafted moments, particularly the Act II face-off between Helena (EJ Martin) and Hermia, which is delightful to watch.'

Musical Theatre Review:


'The couples’ drama/farce is at times very funny as well as affecting to watch, especially Hermia (Samantha Louise Clark) and Helena (EJ Martin) fighting each other'
'ethereal Clark whose southern drawl emphasises her despair and anger,

London Theatre 1:


'There was a wonderful intensity between Samantha Louise Clark, Ruari Cannon, Jonathan Ajayi, E J Martin as the two boys fought over the wrong woman in the forest, a scene that could easily be overplayed for laughs but hit the perfect note.'

Stage Review:


'The ladies Hermia (Samantha Louise Clark) and Helena (EJ Martin) sound as though they’ve just stepped out of Streetcar Named Desire.'
'They give passionate and tempestuous performances especially in the key cat-fight scene.' 

'Halbwelt Kulture' Jermyn Street Theatre!

Musical Theatre Review:


I also liked the choreographic narrative build-up of Anita Berber’s drug addiction and bisexuality in ‘Morphium’.,


'However, in my opinion, a truly stand-out performance was Samantha Clark’s portrayal of Anita Berber. Berber was multitalented – a dancer, actress and writer – yet she was notorious for her drug abuse and alcoholism. This vignette was a compelling dance piece, in which the discordance of the music mirrored the instability and turmoil of her existence. The evident turmoil of her life was heightened further by her disjointed dancing. It was made amply clear that her life was one composed of great extremes, in which ecstasy and pain were often juxtaposed and even, at times, interwoven. The choreography was also impressive in amplifying her strong personality.'

Web Cow Girl Press:


'I was far more interested to see the bizarre dancing and performance art that came with Valeska Gert and Anita Berber’s bits, which really pulled me into the era rather than just giving me a history lesson.'

London Theatre 1:The Public Reviews:


'Clark’s portrayal of Anita Berber shows great depth, not to mention stunning movement in the ballet.'

The Public Reviews:Litro:

http://www.thepublicreviews.com/halbwelt-kultur-jermyn-street-theatre-london/ 'Here we have seven exceptionally talented young singers/dancers/actresses, performing superbly both as individuals and as a company.'




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